Why Choose Us

Why see a Financial Advisor:

The financial and economic world is continually changing and it is important that  your finances adjust to these events as they occur.  The last few years both in Ireland and internationally have seen dramatic events unfold.  So you can ask yourself one question – have you adjusted your finances to take account of these events or a major change in your own personal circumstance?

Well if you haven’t, then it is important to get financial advice so as to help plan your financial life.  In order to do this efficiently, you should get the advice of an unbiased financial advisor who will assist you in planning your finances for you.

“I was concerned about my pension as it was not preforming well and I was unsure what options were available to me.  I decided to contact David McCarthy from McCarthy & Associates.  He explained my options clearly and I was happy to go with his advice.  I am glad to say my pension is doing great McCarthy & Associates keep a track on it and inform me of any changes”.

M. M.  – Builder,

Whether it is a full Financial HealthCheck you require or particular advice on any of the individual areas that are covered in such a review, then we are here to help you.

“I had a lump sum to invest but with all the options available to me I was confused as to which one best suited my needs.  I decided to get some professional financial advice.  My options were broken down and simplified for me in terms I could understand; suddenly the world of finance didn’t seem so daunting.  I was delighted that I no longer felt like a target for a sales rep. selling financial products, instead I was listened to and given options for my future financial needs.  David gave me the confidence to proceed with my choice of investment”.

A.C, IT Consultant, Galway


Why Choose Us:

  • Since our establishment in 1994 we have assisted hundred’s of clients to reorganize and plan their finances.  We have a wealth of experience in all the areas covered by our services.

“My finances were really all over the place, a pension policy I didn’t fully understand, an investment, savings in a regular savings account and of course a mortgage.  I really felt I was not getting the best out of my financial plan.  I contacted McCarthy & Associates and got a fully financial review and have a much better grasp on my finances and intend to undertake a review every 5-7 years.  It is the only way to plan for my future.  Thank you all at McCarthy & Associates”.

P.L – Sales Representative

  • We are Unbiased Authorised Advisors which allows us to provide comprehensive and confidential advice on all aspects of your finances, from financial planning, banking consultancy to retirement and from savings to investment advice.  Under the Consumer Protection Code issued by the Central Bank in 2012, only authorized advisors who provide clients with advice based on “a fair analysis” of the market can be deemed to be truly unbiased.

“I was concerned about my business expenses and decided to look into where I might be able to make some savings.  David McCarthy carried out review of my bank charges and showed me where I could make savings and explained how I should approach the bank.  He gave me a full and comprehensive report which I could approach my bank with”.

P. M. – Restaurant Owner

  • We are committed to providing all our clients with a quality, honest and efficient service.

“Having read an article on life cover I became concerned that mine did not give me the right protection.  I wanted my policy documents explained properly.  David McCarthy explained that my cover was only a mortgage protection policy he explained all the terms involved in Life Cover and gave me the correct information for a suitable Life Cover to protect me and my family”. 

M. Mc. –  Hairdresser

  • As an unbiased authorised advisor we are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.