Various topics covered on Galway Talks this morning

Mortgage to Rent Scheme

A number of weeks ago, the Government launched a new Mortgage to Rent Scheme to help struggling homeowners who are in severe difficulty.  

This is a pilot scheme which will only be available to applicants who meet a strict income criteria and whose properties are valued below a certain level. 

Please refer to our blog of 10th July, 2012. 

Irish Credit Bureau

We have received a lot of enquiries from listeners in respect of checking their credit rating following last week’s piece.  I just want to reiterate that you should log into the Irish Credit Bureau website and complete the application form process.  

Personal Insolvency Bill 

Details regarding our comments and an outline of how this Bill operates are available on this website.  

QUESTION:  I am nearing retirement age and I am wondering what steps do I need to take regarding my finances? ANSWER:  It is critically important to plan your retirement a number of years before the event occurs.  This process will involve projecting your income in retirement along with looking critically at your overall financial position incorporating your assets,loans, etc. 

A successful transition into retirement from a financial prospective, must incorporate a substantial degree of financial planning.