Savings & Investments

The world of finance has never been as complex as it is today.  For example, the variety of savings and investments products available has never been greater.  It is imperative to maximize the return on your monies, which have taken you many years to accumulate.

Ask yourselves some of the questions outlined below and if you have answered NO to any of these, then you should obtain professional advice.


  • Are you aware of the wide range of interest rates available for periods ranging from 1 week to 4 years?
  • Did you know by placing deposit monies for long periods of time that you can get a higher return?
  • If you hold substantial sums on deposit, are you aware that you might achieve far higher returns by moving these monies to an investment?
  • Are you familiar with the Deposit Protection Schemes which are in place?
  • For regular monthly savings, did you know that there are accounts which will provide higher returns than a normal demand deposit?
  • Are you aware that deposit rates are going to continue to fall over the next year and have you taken steps to protect your monies from this?

Term Investments:

  • Do you realize that a term investment period ranging from 3 to 5 years may provide you with a higher rate of return than a bank deposit?
  • Do you know that there are, not alone medium and high risk investments options available, but also a wide range of those which provide capital guarantees at the end of the investment term?
  • Are you unhappy with any investments that you took out in recent years, whether it is because they have performed poorly or are unsuitable for your risk profile?
  • Have you made a rash decision regarding your investments over the last few years as a result of “the fear factor” due to the turbulence in the financial markets?
  • When looking at what type of investment suits your requirements, you need to prioritize, which of the following is most important to you? a) achieve a high rate of return? b) ensure my capital is secure at the end of the investment period? or c) be satisfied with a more modest return?
  • Do you have a reasonable expectation for potential returns and are you prepared to take some element of risk with your capital?
  • Do you fully understand the operation of any investment that you have taken out in the past?

We believe that you should never make any investment decision without ensuring that you have received professional advice.