Life/Serious Illness Cover

Life Cover/Serious Illness are important components of your financial profile.  You should provide your dependents, with the peace of mind and security that their financial future will be sufficiently provided for in the unfortunate event of your death.

There has been a traditional view in the financial industry that Life Policies are “sold” rather than “bought” by clients.  We believe that this is a flawed concept and that clients should be ware of the importance of having adequate cover in place and also realizing what elements they need to take into consideration when making an informed decision.

Please find below some questions you can ask yourself regarding your current level of cover that will help you.

Life Cover:

  • Aside from a Mortgage Protection Policy for your home-loan, do you have further Life Cover in place which will provide for your dependents on death?
  • Do you understand the different types of cover available, namely, Term/Convertible Term/Mortgage Protection/Whole of Life?
  • If you have a mortgage, do you have the correct cover in place or were you sold a Policy by your lender which is in excess of your requirements and as a result, more expensive?
  • Do you realize that life premiums have reduced considerably in recent years and that maybe some of your old Policies could be replaced, thereby reducing your premiums?
  • With so many different providers in the Life Assurance market, did you know that premiums can vary dramatically from one institution to another?
  • If you are the main income earner in your household, have you ever considered whether or not your family will be adequately looked after, on your death?

Serious Illness:

  • Have you considered what may happen to your finances in the unfortunate event that you contract a serious illness / become seriously ill?
  • Have you ever considered the fact that the younger you are, the cheaper a Serious Illness Policy is?
  • All Serious Illness Policies are not the same and cover will vary from one institution to another.  Have you ever considered this?

The most important people to consider when looking at your Life/Serious Illness Cover, are the people close to you – your dependants.

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