Galway Talks 24.9.2020

Listen to David discuss the following:

Topic: EBS are the first bank to limit deposits – max 12 accounts total of €500k. This could be the start of negative interest rates ??

Question: I am moving from one employer to another and I have been offered the opportunity of moving my pension monies into a Retirement Bond. Could you give me some details on what this is?

Question: I have been looking at making an investment recently. Are there other Investment Companies I can look at, apart from the insurance companies and are they regulated by the Central Bank ?

Question: Can you recommend an investment with high capital protection and reasonable potential for good return?

Issue- Will increased legislation drive small landlords out of the market?

Issue- Maybe owning your own home should not be such an enormous ambition in life. Is it an Irish thing??

Galway Talks 10.9.2020

Listen to David discuss the following:

Issue: The hated “R”word – Recession is back in the media again. But this is not like the last time, David McCarthy reasons.

Issue: Survey shows children have high expectations of Mum and Dad to buy a property or help with day to day expenses and leave them assets in their will.

Issue: Do not have any of your pension pot in cash as you will now be subject to negative interest rates.

Galway Talks 3.9.2020

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Topic- Insurance companies must now consult with policyholders on claims against them.

Issue – Where will consumers spend the extra €10 billion (total deposits €120b)that they have saved so far this year.

Issue – do not expect a sudden drop in rents or property prices

Issue – do not have any of your pension pot in cash as you will now be subject to negative interest rates

Question – Regarding Redundancy Payments

Galway Talks 27th August 2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Issue – EU package to drive European stockmarkets forward.

Question – Why thinking you know it all on financial matters can be a dangerous thing!

Question – I have €20,000 in savings that I could use to pay a lump sum off my tracker mortgage. Do you think this is a good idea?

Question – I can see that insurers are doing everything possible to avoid paying a house claim. How do I know if I am sufficiently covered?

Question – What happens if a judgment is made against you in the courts?

Podcast – Galway Talks – 14/06/2018

  • Regular Savings – Life Assurance Policies.  Is this a good idea?
  • Recent Threshold survey reveals that only 1/3 of tenants actually want to be renting.
  • Can a PRSA be transferred from between Life Assurance companies?

Listen below to David McCarthy discuss these topics on Galway Bay FM

Blog-McCarthy & Associates Financial Consultants-Galway Talks, 26/06/2014

galway-bayfmQuestion:  I worked for a company for 20 years but took redundancy 6 years ago.  I did not move my pension and was wondering should I look at this and what options do I have?

Answer:  If you were not in a Defined Benefit Scheme then it is possible for you to Read more..