Repossessions could top 1,000 by end of 2016 – Connacht Tribune, 13/03/2015

“Leading financial consultant David McCarthy of McCarthy & Associates in Galway told the Connacht Tribune: “The banks see this is as a good time for them to move, because equity is building up in properties. No doubt they’re looking at the recovering property market”.
He also pointed out that foreign ‘vulture funds’ – which have bought up banks’ loan books, containing thousands of Irish properties, are not regulated in Read more..

Banks bid to repossess 80 Galway Houses – Galway City Tribune, 28/02/2014

Floodgates are set to open as banks pursue mortgage defaulters

The floodgates have opened on repossessions of homes in Galway – with more than 80 cases brought before the courts this week.

There are so many cases that there will now be special hearings in Galway every second month, or more frequently if required. Read more..

Vodafone Shares / Investments Factsheet – January 2014

Vodafone Shares


If you are a shareholder in Vodafone you will have received a documentation pack in the past few weeks.

As a result of Vodafone’s agreement to sell their shareholding in US carrier Verizon Wireless, they have decided to return some of these monies to shareholders.

Each Vodafone shareholder will receive the following:-

  • A cash payment, the amount of which will be determined by Vodafone at the end of February.
  • New Verizon shares
  • New share certificates in Vodafone.

What action do I need to take now? Read more..

Beware of spiralling charges in our profit-chasing banks – Sunday Independent, 2nd September 2012

IT’S been almost four years since the Government announced the €440bn bank guarantee — and in so doing, burdened taxpayers with the debts of the Irish banks.

We’ve got little thanks from our banks since. Mortgages — for those who can get them — Read more..

Safeguard your nest egg

Pensions Supplement-September 2010

People are living longer and more active lives so now is the time to take control of your retirement planning, writes Rachel McDonald. Read more..

Has all our wealth disappeared?

  The current economic downturn, both domestically and worldwide, has led to a perception in this country that all the wealth, which has been created over the last 15 years, has suddenly disappeared. Read more..