David McCarthy on Galway Bay FM, 20th September

Questions are answered today on Galway Talks in relation to Retirement Bonds, Life Cover and Interest Rates on Business Borrowings….click below to hear more…

David McCarthy on Galway Talks, 13th September 2012

David answers various questions on Galway Bay FM in relation to Personal Pension Plans, Investments and the increase of Premiums on Life Policys.

David McCarthy gives Financial Advice on Galway Bay FM, 6th September 2012

This morning David McCarthy discusses “The Fear Factor in Making Financial Decisions”,

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David McCarthy talks Finance on 16th August, 2012

David discusses various financial topics on Galway Bay FM show Galway Talks Thursday 16th August.  Listen Here [audio:https://financialconsultants.ie/wp-content/uploads/16.08.12GalwayBayFM.mp3|titles=16.08.12GalwayBayFM]

David talks finance on Galway Bay FM

This morning David McCarthy covers the following topics in the Finance Slot on Galway Talks:  Buying Gold – good or bad decision? Personal Pension Plans. Capital Guaranteed Investment Bonds. Regular Savings Plans.  Listen here –

Podcast – Galway Talks

David McCarthy discusses Mortgage to Rent Scheme, Planning for Retirement and Irish Credit Bureau on the Galway Talks Finance Slot this morning on Galway Bay FM.