Podcast on The Personal Insolvency Bill

This morning David McCarthy discusses the Personal Insolvency Bill with Keith Finnegan on the Galway Talks show.  Listen here and also if you go to our blog section you can read more on this.

David Discusses Payment Protection Plan Investigation

This morning David discussed the Central Banks investigation into Payment Protection Plans, the current banking problems and ECB to drop interest rates.

Podcast – Galway Talks

Today David McCarthy discusses the topics of the Insolvency Bill being launched tomorrow, Private Health Insurance & the Enterprise Loan Fund.  He also is warning people to beware with recent advertisements offering people early access to their Pension monies read more on this topic in our blog here

Podcast – Galway Talks

David answers listeners questions and topics include: travel insurance, lending with the banks and decreasing deposit rates.   

Moneylenders Discussion with Keith Finnegan on Galway Bay FM

David McCarthy discusses the issue of Moneylenders, licenced and unlicenced that are operating in Ireland at the moment. 

Podcast – Galway Talks

David McCarthy talks finance on Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan.  Today he answers listeners questions on air which include investment performance, renewing loan facility and pressure from banks.