Podcast – Galway Talks – 18/07/2019

  • Guarantor on Mortgage – know what you are getting into!
  • Discussion on the Payment Card – Revolut

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Podcast – Galway Talks – 12/7/2019

  • I have money on deposit in England since I lived there.  I am wondering should I bring it back to Ireland and reinvest it here?
  • What is the situation with regards to Capital Gains Tax on a property that I used to live in but have moved out of in 2014.  Since that time the house has been rented and I now want to sell it
  • Pre-paid Credit Cards – Are they safe?

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Galway Talks 4/07/2019

  • Could the days of negative deposit rates be closer than we think?
  • Why investing in residential property can be fraught with risk.
  • I am dealing with stocks and shares markets. The bank are not happy with me. Why could this be?
  • Have you heard of an alternative bank card, where you can put money and withdraw money with your bank card for a small amount?
  • I have some old pound notes at home which date back to the 1800s. Where does one go to get these valued?


Galway Talks – 27/06/2019

  • I am with my partner for the last 10 years and we have 2 children. I am worried about the financial implications if one of us dies?
  • I have an investment that recently matured with Capital Guarantee on it that I took out 5 years ago. I only got back the original investment amount and made no gain on it. I am very disappointed at the performance and I am wondering what your comments would be on this?
  • Number of people switching banks at an all time low.
  • How do I educate myself about the Stock market?

Podcast – Galway Talks – 20/06/2019

  • Caller queries being forced to take out Life Cover by a Bank when they are renegotiating the terms of a Mortgage on an investment Property.
  • Caller queries husband and wife taking out Joint Life Cover for properties they owned before they were married.
  • What happens if you are guarantor for a family member on their mortgage and the mortgage then goes into arrears?  Caller in their 60’s seeks advice on this topic.
  • Power of Attorney for elderly relatives.

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Podcast – The Keith Finnegan Show – 13/06/2019

  • Ireland has the lowest deposit rates in the Eurozone!
  • What is the average term for any investment options that are available?
  • I recently had a problem with getting credit and discovered that the lender I had applied to turned me down because of a bad credit rating for somebody with a similar name.  Is this a common Occurrence?

Listen below to David McCarthy discuss these topics on Galway Bay FM