Galway Talks 26.11.2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Issue – Savings and Investments and alternative options to Banks and Credit Unions.

Issue – Market Volatility

Question: New Bank Charges – Review how you bank and bank online to save on bank charges.

Galway Talks 5.11.2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Topic: Warning – Landlords- Watch Out for the Tenant that sub-lets your property

Topic: Wills – Why do so many people leave problems or a mess behind them?

Topic: Switching Mortgages – Research shows up to €10k can be saved by switching Mortgage

Galway Talks 31.7.2020

Listen to David discuss the following:

Stimulus Package – Practical Update on how it will work

Employees – PUP and Wage Subsidy Scheme

Employers – Vat 21%
Restart grant – New applicants and top ups for existing

Galway Talks 25.7.2020

Listen to David discuss the following:

Issue – EU Package to drive European Stock-markets forward

Question – I am 45. Do you think it is a good idea to take out an AVC ?

Question – Why do you say that looking at too much media information on financial subjects can be bad for you ?

Question – I have €20,000 in savings that I could use to pay a lump sum off my tracker mortgage. Do you think this is a good idea?

Question – Is it possible that there will be a change in Inheritance Tax Thresholds ? As my surviving 2 children will have to sell my house when I die to pay the tax due ?

Question – I can see that insurers are doing everything possible to avoid paying a house claim. How do I know if I am sufficiently covered ?

Galway Talks July 16 2020

“Galway Bay FM_July_16_2020_09_46”.

Listen to David discuss the following topics:
Capital Protection on Investments for Conservative Investors

Commercial Property Potential Investments – Are these regulated by the Central Bank

Vulture Funds in relation to Mortgages explained

Question – Is too much media on financial subjects bad for you ?

Galway Talks July 2 2020

Listen to David discuss the following :


400,000 people have to confirm eligibility for Pandemic Payment by 13 July or lose out

Activity in house market sees no fall off

NO MONEY OUT THERE ???  don’t be fooled we saved €3 billion in May !!

Covid shows Insurers in an appalling light. Something needs to be done by Governement … who need to stop talking and start doing!!

Issue – Be careful of negative press