Safeguard your nest egg

Pensions Supplement-September 2010

People are living longer and more active lives so now is the time to take control of your retirement planning, writes Rachel McDonald. Read more..

David McCarthy discusses the Bank Guarantee Scheme.



David McCarthy discusses the Code of Ethics on House Repossessions.




Has all our wealth disappeared?

  The current economic downturn, both domestically and worldwide, has led to a perception in this country that all the wealth, which has been created over the last 15 years, has suddenly disappeared. Read more..

City Channel Galway in Focus interview 30th Sept. 2008

Jimmy Norman discusses the Global Credit Crunch with David McCarthy 




Managing Your Money, Don’t get Burnt by Higher Rates

The Sunday Business Post, June 10, 2007, by Louise McBride

Interest rates have been increased again, so now is a good time to re-evaluate your mortgage, writes Personal Finance Correspondent Louise McBride. Read more..