Galway Talks 14.1.2021

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Topic: Markets are continuing to be resilient and are currently at an all time high.

Topic: Financial to do’s for 2021 during lockdown – Use the time to shop around for:

Mortgage Rates
Insurance – car, life and home
Utilities – telephone, electricity, gas, broadband
Health Insurance – visit website to review


Overall finances
Investment options alternative to deposits

Galway Talks 17.12.20

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Topic: Online buying from UK Websites could all change post Brexit.

Topic: Bank Deposits at an all time high of €123 billion, but what will happen to this money in 2021 in post lockdown Ireland?
Confidence is key e.g. consumer spending boom – retail, cars, holidays, house purchases, renovations.

Topic: Positive mental attitude with a vaccine on the way and 1% growth in economy for 2021 predicted.

Galway Talks 3.12.2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Question: I am 68 and live alone in a house that is far too big for me to maintain. I want to downsize and I know this would release some money to me which would be a help with my finances. However, my children are advising me against this. I am very confused, have you any advice?

Topic: Galway rents 5% higher than a year ago.

Question: I own a rental property that is in reasonable condition. I am considering upgrading it, spending maybe €35k or €45k – Is that such a good idea?

Galway Talks 26.11.2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Issue – Savings and Investments and alternative options to Banks and Credit Unions.

Issue – Market Volatility

Question: New Bank Charges – Review how you bank and bank online to save on bank charges.

Galway Talks 5.11.2020

Listen to David discuss the following on today’s show:

Topic: Warning – Landlords- Watch Out for the Tenant that sub-lets your property

Topic: Wills – Why do so many people leave problems or a mess behind them?

Topic: Switching Mortgages – Research shows up to €10k can be saved by switching Mortgage

Galway Talks 24.9.2020

Listen to David discuss the following:

Topic: EBS are the first bank to limit deposits – max 12 accounts total of €500k. This could be the start of negative interest rates ??

Question: I am moving from one employer to another and I have been offered the opportunity of moving my pension monies into a Retirement Bond. Could you give me some details on what this is?

Question: I have been looking at making an investment recently. Are there other Investment Companies I can look at, apart from the insurance companies and are they regulated by the Central Bank ?

Question: Can you recommend an investment with high capital protection and reasonable potential for good return?

Issue- Will increased legislation drive small landlords out of the market?

Issue- Maybe owning your own home should not be such an enormous ambition in life. Is it an Irish thing??