Blog – McCarthy & Associates – Galway Talks, 26/11/2015

Issue: Financial inaction can cost you money.
Comment: Not taking action in relation to your finances will cost you money. Some people would ask how could this be the case? Well here are some examples:

• Leaving funds on deposit (at rates of less than 1%) means that you are providing cheap money to a bank. Answer: look at the variety of 3-5 year investment options available.
• High Current Account or Credit Card charges? Answer: not rocket science!-shop around.
• Expensive Life Policies or Medical Insurance? Answer: Once again shop around.
The above is only a sample of some areas consumers need to review.
Essentially I believe if you are not proactive with your finances, then your inaction will cost you money.

Issue: Property Tax will not increase until 2019.
Comment: It was announced in the last few days, that Property Tax rates will not increase until 2019. Originally they were to be reviewed next year and considering that there is an election coming up!!!! Our politicians must have thought better than to levy a tax increase on the electorate.
There has been concern, and probably rightly so, that when Property Tax was due for review that there would be substantial increase.
Anyhow, it is not something we need to concern ourselves with for another few years.