Blog – McCarthy & Associates – Galway Talks, 14/01/2016

Issue: Restarting Medical Insurance should be a priority as your circumstances improve.
Comment: During the downturn there was a considerable drop in the number of people with Medical Insurance as it became unaffordable and their finances plummeted.
If you are in this situation and your circumstances have improved, maybe because you have re-entered the work force, it is important that you consider restarting your cover.
We all know that the public health system is under extreme pressure and in my opinion cannot be relied upon.
Having some sort of Medical Insurance, no matter how minor the plan is, is better than having none.

Issue: Email Scam – Fraudsters target clients of Bank of Ireland and Revenue.
Comment: Time and again I have warned about replying to, what would appear to be legitimate emails from the likes of the Revenue and various Banks. The latest scam involves an email, reporting to come from Bank of Ireland, warning that if you do not reconfirm your log in details you will loose your online access. Obviously a bank will never contact you in this manner and I stress that these emails should never be opened or responded to.

Issue: Drafting a Will—Resolution for 2016.
Comment: It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who have no Will in place. This spans all age groups and while many people realize the importance of a Will, they still do not take action.
Having a Will makes life easier for your dependents on your passing. So for those reading this Blog who have no arrangements in place, I would urge you to make drafting a Will a priority in 2016.