Blog – McCarthy & Associates – Galway Talks, 07/07/2016

Question:  We have just bought our first house and are wondering should we go Fixed or Variable with our mortgage?

Answer:  Variable rates in Ireland are falling and are likely to continue to do so as they are some of the highest in Europe.  I would suggest that you could opt for Variable and review your options in possibly 9 months or so.

Issue:  False injury claims inflating motor insurance costs.

Comments:  Recent figures suggest that approximately 60% of all motor injury claims relate to neck/whiplash issues.  I find it incomprehensible that there are so many claims in this category.

There is no doubt that false injury claims are inflating the premiums motorists are paying and it is hard to understand that the legal system has not been changed in some way to address this.

Question:  Is it beneficial for me to change my current account from one bank to another?

Answer:  It depends on what type of transactions you operate on your account, for example are they primarily paper or electronic?  The best way to make a decision, as to whether or not a transfer would be beneficial to you, would be to review a couple of months transactions on your current account and compare it with the costs on offer from another institution.

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