Podcast – Galway Talks – 12/04/2018

  • Caller to Galway Bay FM seeks advice on complications of both parents passing away without either having made a Will.
  • Prior family home now used as a rental property – the importance of notifying your insurance company of this change
  • Life insurance investment with Standard Life – investment showed good growth initially but has now slowed down.

Listen below as David McCarthy discusses these topics on Galway Bay FM

Podcast – Galway Talks – 05/04/2018

  • Personal Pension Plan – advantages of moving to a secure fund in the years close to retirement age
  • An Post Interest Rates – still worth considering?
  • Importance of educating yourself financially prior to taking a risk
  • Transferring a mortgage to dependents – is this possible?
  • Purchasing Sterling in advance of Brexit?
  • Grandparent looking for advice on how best to provide some savings for grandchildren

Listen below to hear David discuss these topics on Galway Bay FM


Podcast – Galway Talks, 22/03/2018

David discusses

  • Increase in Sales Pressure from Banks
  • Implications of RaboDirect decision to leave Ireland
  • Some of the reasons people do not make investment decisions
    • Trump
    • BREXIT
    • Temporary fall on the stockmarkets

Listen below to David McCarthy discuss these issues on Galway Bay FM