Podcast – David McCarthy discusses Ryanair – Galway Talks, 28/08/2013

RYANAIR – David discusses the news that The UK’s Competition Commission want Ryanair to reduce its stake in Aer Lingus from 29.8% to 5%.

Podcast – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 22/08/2013

David discusses how the Troika got €220m fees from the taxpayer, Property prices increase by 2.3% in year to July, Investec Bank to enter Irish Mortgage market, The Personal Insolvency Bill is up and running and The latest ATM Fraud.

Blog – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 15/08/2013

galway-bayfmQuestion:   I’m frustrated at the moment as I see an enormous drop in the Deposit rates that I’m getting with the bank.  Can you please advise me what I should do?

Answer:  The outlook unfortunately with Deposit rates is for them to fall even further.  Read more..

Podcast – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 15.08.13

This morning David discusses the drop in Deposit Rates with banks, repossession letters from banks to mortgage holders, the possible further drop in the ECB rate and Tracker Mortgages.


Blog – David McCarthy, Galway Talks, 08.08.13

but-galway-bayfmIssue:   A recent survey shows a fall in house insurance premiums.

Comment: A recent survey has confirmed that house insurance premiums have fallen.  This comes on the back of two bad winters, where insurers increased premiums as a result of their claims experience.  The message is not to just accept the premium on Read more..

Podcast – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 08/08/2013

David discusses Revenue deductions, the recent survey showing the fall in House Insurance Premiums and how Identity Fraud is on the increase.