Blog – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 25/07/2013

galway-bayfmIssue:  First property price rise since 2008 sees an increase of 1.2% nationally in the year to June 2013.

Comment:  Any increase in property prices is certainly a welcome development.  Recent statistics show that there has been a slight increase in mortgage lending. Read more..

Podcast – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 25/07/2013

This morning David discusses in detail the First Property Rise since 2008 and also the Payment Protection Insurance Scandal.

Blog – David McCarthy – Galway Talks, 18/07/2013

galway-bayfmQuestion:  I have some money that I want to give to my grandchildren.  They are in their early teens.  I am wondering would you recommend putting the money on deposit?

Answer:  While you might consider leaving money on deposit as the most conservative/ secure option, you must remember that your Grandchildren have a time horizon of Read more..

Blog – David McCarthy, Galway Talks – 11/07/2013

galway-bayfmQuestion:  I have had money on deposit for the past few years and have seen the interest rate drop from nearly 4.5% to 2.5% for 1 year at the moment.  Can you explain why this is happening and also what alternatives I may have?

Answer:  Deposit rates have fallen dramatically in the last few years and are likely to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  Therefore leaving money on deposit is something you Read more..

Podcast, David McCarthy, Galway Talks – 11.07.2013

David discusses falling Deposit interest rates, gives advice on Personal Pension Plans and also on investing lump sums.

Blog – David McCarthy, Galway Talks – 04/07/2013

galway-bayfmIssue:   Certain banks have corresponded with borrowers, who have a Tracker Mortgage, suggesting a voluntary increase in their monthly repayments.

Comment: If you are lucky enough to be in a position where you can increase the repayments on your mortgage then in the longer term you will benefit from the Read more..