David McCarthy – Christmas Show – 20th December 2012

David discusses various issues from 2012.

Blog, Galway Talks, 13th December 2012

Issue: Recent media coverage on possible increase in house repossessions

Comment:  Yesterday saw a number of media reports suggesting that 2013 could see a considerable increase in the repossession of family homes.  This is due to the fact that the government is rumored to be looking at legislation, which would close a loop hole that hinders banks in progressing with repossession orders.  This came about due to a High Court judgment Read more..

David McCarthy, Galway Talks, 13th December 2012

This morning David comments on yesterday’s announcement regarding the Personal Insolvency Bill.  He also answers questions in relation to Mortgages with Fixed, Variable & Tracker Rates, how to value value your home for Home Insurance  and the current Investment Options available.

BUDGET 2012 – David discusses various topics on Galway Talks, 6th December 2012

DIRT Tax, PRSI increases, Pensions, High Earners and Property Tax – some of the BUDGET 2012 topics David McCarthy discusses on Galway Talks.

Blog, Galway Talks, 29th November 2012

Question:  I have an interest only mortgage on an investment property and the bank now wants me to revert to capital and interest.  I do not have the ability to make these payments but can continue with interest only arrangements.  What would you advise me to do?

Answer:  The problem you are encountering is quite a common one.  Banks are pressurizing Read more..