David McCarthy, Galway Talks, 29th Nov 2012

Questions are answered today by David in relation to Interest only Mortgages, ELG Scheme for Deposits and what is involved in a Financial Health Check.

Blog from Galway Talks, 22nd Nov 2012

Issue :           New Visa Debit Cards

Most banks are now replacing the traditional Laser Card with Visa Debit Cards.  The main benefit of the new card is apparent when you travel abroad.  Traditionally people, who used their laser cards when traveling, would have to access cash through an ATM Read more..

David McCarthy, Galway Talks, 22nd November 2012

This morning David gives listeners some advice in relation to House Insurance on vacant properties, DIRT and the upcoming Budget and discusses the new Visa Debit Cards.

Blog from Galway Talks, 15th November 2012

Issue:  Ban on gender discrimination by Insurance Companies from next January.

Comment:  Earlier this year a legal action was taken at EU level against insurance companies in connection with the long held practice of quoting premiums on the basis of gender.  The ruling found in favor of the applicants and as a result companies Read more..

David gives financial advice, Galway Talks, 15th Nov 2012

This morning David McCarthy discusses the issue in relation to the ban on gender discrimination by Insurance Companies from January 2013, advices listeners in relation to savings and investments and also first time buyers.

David McCarthy, Galway Talks Blog, 8th November 2012

Question:  I am having difficulty getting finance for a car from my bank.  Can you advise me on what alternatives there are?

Answer:  You might possibly try your local Credit Union as they are quite active in the Car Finance market.  Alternatively a number of car manufacturers are providing finance Read more..