David McCarthy gives advice on Galway Talks, 25th October 2012

Question:  I retired from the public sector some time ago and have had my lump sum on deposit.  I’m wondering what options I would have to invest these monies long term?

Answer:  If you have no need for the funds over the next few years you would be better off to move some funds off deposit into a longer term investment over circa Read more..

David McCarthy answers your questions on Galway Talks, 25th October 2012

This morning David answered a question from a listener who is having difficulty getting a mortgage and also someone with a lump sum of money to invest, just click below to listen…….

David answers various questions on Galway Bay FM, 18th October 2012

Question:  I recently carried out a check with the Credit Bureau in connection with my credit rating.  To my horror I discovered that two of the loans I have from different banks show payments in arrears.  I have always been on time with each repayment I have made Read more..

David McCarthy on Galway Bay FM, 18th October 2012

This morning David discusses the New Initiative by Solicitors to encourage people to draw up Wills and answers questions from listeners in relation to the Credit Review Office, Credit Cards with Payment Protection Insurance and checking your Credit Rating with the Credit Bureau.

David discusses the Payment Protection Scandal on Galway Talks, 11th Oct 2012

Topic:  Central Bank finally takes action on Payment Protection Scandal.

Comment: The recent scandal with Payment Protection Insurance(PPI) has been an ‘accident’ waiting to happen for Irish banks.  It is estimated that over 340,000 of these policies have been sold here in connection with mortgages, credit cards and personal Read more..

David McCarthy on Galway Talks, 4th October 2012

Question:  I have a mortgage with AIB and I am in negative equity and I noticed recently that they launched a new mortgage to allow you to move to an alternative property.  Can you advise me on the details of this new offer?

Answer:  This is a new negative equity mortgage recently launched by AIB and EBS.  Essentially this product allows an individual to move home and bring the negative equity Read more..